Terms And Conditions

Coldbox-Trans assumes full responsibility for door-to-door delivery of the parcels and their contents in intact condition.

The prices in the tables are valid at all times for door-to-door deliveries and include insurance.

  • How to order:
    • The online order form is filled via the webpage. Following successful order, a confirmation e-mail is sent that establishes a contractual relationship between the carrier and the customer.
    • Shipment may be cancelled free of charge not later than 24 hours prior to collection.
    • A fee of € 25  is charged for parcels whose delivery failed as a result of the sender or the recipient.
  • Pick-up of the parcels:
    • At a time agreed in advance, based on the route plan prepared by the courier service.
    • The sender is obliged to provide a full description of the contents of the package and any particular feature it may have.
    • Addresses out of the delivery route are served at a charge agreed separately in advance.
    • The latest time for placing an order is 24 hours prior to collection
    • Goods meant to be cooled/deep frozen must be packed separately and indicated in the remarks column for appropriate placement. Naturally, in this case, the determination of the basic package/weight takes place in a single operation.
  • Delivery:
    • At the place and time agreed with our colleague.
    • If the place deviates from the route agreed in the contract, a fee of € 0.30/Km is charged, which will be charged upon registration.
  • Terms of Payment
    • Upon registration or delivery of the parcel on the spot
    • By bank transfer, PayPal or bank cards
    • Failure to settle the charges results in the sale of the contents of the parcel after 14 days.

In case of technical problems, our colleague will contact you by telephone to discuss alternative solutions.

We are unable to deliver the following:

– goods subject to excise duties (cigarettes, cut rag tobacco and alcohol derivatives)
– human and animal remains
– highly valuable goods (jewellery, money, securities and fine arts)
– flammable, explosive and radioactive materials, firearms and munition
– drugs and chemicals classified a such
– contagious and disgusting materials and objects
– live animals
– plant and animal species under landscape and nature conservation protection

Parcels may only be registered by persons older than 18 years of age who shall bear responsibility for the contents of the parcel as signatories!
It is our duty to hand over any parcel to the authorities in full, including the details of the sender and the recipient, if a road inspection by the customs or other authorities should reveal illegal parcel content. An hourly fee of  50.00 is charged for any delay caused as a result of this procedure. Failure to pay such fee shall entail legal consequences.
No material or legal responsibility is assumed from our end for such parcels.