Price List Of Delivery

Shipment is organised by the “full vehicle” principle, which has been considered in our discount pricing. Hopefully, our prices and services will satisfy all our customers who put their trust in us.Our standard box size is 45*45*27 cm or the volume standard of 6 liter/Kg is applied.
Please indicate any deviations from this on the order form.


parcel / chilled goods




*A1    0 –  15 Kg

€ 40

+ € 10

*A2  15 –  25 Kg

€ 50

+ € 10

 A3   26 – 500 Kg



A4    Part of Over 500kg



*A1 – A4  basic parcel
Standard box size 45x45x27 cm.or standard capacity 6 liter/kg.Please let us know if your parcel is not in this criterion.
*Prices are subject to change.